After hitting the ball you can sometimes run to second base, therefore a "double"
mom i got to second base by the double!!!
by legit as shit July 10, 2008
Secondbase- calls a stranger a vulgar name
Steve- Am I speaking to you?
Secondbase- It doesn't matter if your speaking to me
by Mindful150 January 10, 2012
When you grab another persons chest( in particular either their breasts or where there breasts would be if they are aa male) then shouting "Second base (insert person's name) is a slut". This is uusually followed by high fiving who ever is nearby. It is best performed on an unsuspecting person for maximium hilarity.
Bob: I totally got Frank with a secondbase yesterday, he is such a slut!! (high five)
by hobo2000 August 01, 2007
If you're a guy:
You're touching your female partners boobs or vagine
If you're a girl:
You're touching your male parthers penis
Last night when I was with sharron I got to second base!
by clarkey buttfunks January 08, 2007
wow this is a gooder the ol' second base personally i think it is too easy to skip or go through without knowing what u did i mean its just a good feel up.
wow i got to second base, of course i hit a home run that night neways and she is pregnant so it kinda sucks
by Dr.Anusol June 06, 2006
When you and your partner are ready for the next step in your relationship including feeling and enjoying the other person.
my girlfriend and i got to second base last night
by November 07, 2005
The act of fingering and/or handjob (jerking him off). Some people consider second base to be feeling up too, but that is more or less 1 1/2 bases. The actual base of 2nd is fingering and handjobs. None of that minor stuff, and if you consider feeling up 2nd then you suck and want to pretend you've gone farther than you really have.
We went to 2nd base last night. IT WAS HOT!!!
by Sexxx July 18, 2005

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