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AFJROTC is a high school elective class. It is a branch of the original ROTC program for college students founded by LTC Edgar Steevers, just the Air Force junior version. In this class, students learn leadership, the value of teamwork, and how to be a better citizen, among other skills, including drill, and physical fitness on many occasions. Also, since this is the Air Force version, students are also learned in aviation history and the technology behind it. And for farther advanced cadets, astrology is also a part of the ciriculum. It is offered as a four-year class, available from ninth grade on up. Many students enjoy AFJROTC, or any branch of JROTC, such as AJROTC army version. For those of you that chose to ridicule the class for being "lame, gay, retarded" etc., youd best be watching what you say, else we resort to send scores of fighter jets after you. ;););)
Myself, being a cadet in AFJROTC, have had many experiences, great ones, in this class. i thoroughly enjoy it, and am planning to return to it. Again, for those of you who chose to make fun of it, i would keep my mouth shut if i were you, we fight back.
by stlaiyplkonrot February 04, 2009
paying an extreme amount for something at a fair/carnival that is actually very cheap.
me: dude, i just paid like, 20 bucks to win this stupid stuffed dog.

friend: yep, you just got carni-ripped.
by stlaiyplkonrot January 31, 2009
friend: dude, whys the band people wearin their shirts?

me: its a SEBR day.

by stlaiyplkonrot February 01, 2009
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