When a person begins a personal internet fad to which only they contribute. This internet fad may, but probably won't, catch on with the rest of the internet community as people start imitating it. Credited to internet personality Sean Rahill who dedicates 30% of his efforts to maintain his strange internet fads at all cost!
"I tag Tina Fey in everything I post on fb now. It's a thing."

"No it's not. It's a Seanism."
by bossmovie July 02, 2013
Top Definition
Disclosing too much personal information to coworkers resulting in endless teasing. Associated with wearing sweaters.
Person A: I know the entire Single Ladies Dance. When I hear that beat I can't stop these hips.

Person B: Plays Single Ladies, records dancing, emails to all employees with subject line "Today's Seanism."
by SuperFancy November 12, 2014
A religion that worships POTATOES.
That guy is totally into Seanism.
by poopheads April 27, 2009

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