An amazingly talented actor/director, that sucks adorably at poetry...with the most beautiful greeny eyes EVER and the cutest face. If you haven't seen Memphis Belle, go SEE it. NOW, biotch. (and also Encino Man, the Goonies, Rudy, Lord of the Rings which he SO deserved an Oscar for in the 3rd one. And he is HOT STUFF now he lost the Sam-flab. Look for him in Fifty First Dates now (mesh wifebeater...yum...*drool...melt*)
Its our time...down here!!!!
by kerplunkymunky February 02, 2004
Top Definition
One of the best actors in Hollywood today. Also, he did an outstanding job as Samwise Gamgee, and it was totally ridiculous that he didn't get an Academy Award.
Sean Astin is one of my favorite actors!
by Trixie February 23, 2005
The cutest most adoreable man alive. He was first seen in "The Goonies" as Mikey, and then later went on to be beautiful in Rudy, suck in Dish Dogs, and hit his peak in LOTR! Go Seany! he is also known as Seany or SeanyA
Sean Astin for PRESIDENT!
by Sammers January 21, 2004
Best damn actor in the whole damn world!
"And the Sean Astin award goes to....Sean Astin!"
by Rosie Cotton February 06, 2004
he used to be adorable until he opened his we're mad at him because of the way he acted at the SAG awards and on Oprah and his retardation at the Oscars...we aren't *speaking* to him
Where once was darkness falls
by kerplunkymunky March 03, 2004
A way overrated chubby hobbit, who exemplifies the kind of servant/master relationship the world need less of. He also has hairy feet, and a crush on Elijah Wood who (let's just face it) is way too hot for him.
That guy was almost as dopey and annoying as Sean Astin in Lord of the Rings.
by Brahms November 01, 2004
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