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the most amazing person in the world.

a russian, blonde haired, blue eyed, strong guy~
Seamas: "...."
by ididthiscauseiwasbored May 01, 2010
1) a city in new mexico

2) a person (usually female) that understands urban cultures especially the hispanic urban culture

3) there is only one seama best believe
1) I am going to stay in Seama this summer for vacation

2) You hear how she talk? She seama.
by ullneverguess23 May 20, 2009
A real douche monkey who likes to molest little hispanic boys outside with a condom in one hand a a tube of KY in the other.
Wow, that guy is such a Seamas he totally fingered little carlos over there out side the bike dept.
by Bad Dude January 26, 2004
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