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When a man, at the point of sexual climax shoots a load in the left eye of his partner. This is far more specific than a basic facial. The targeting of the left eye is vital to pulling off a correct Seal Team Six.
Guy 1: Dude! I totally picked up this complete skank at Dave & Buster's last night. Took her home, got busy and pulled a Seal Team Six!

Guy 2: Nice bro..
by Milhouse994 May 04, 2011
The pair of individuals who are expected to accomplish almost every task at hand in your local Kroger Grocery, despite the fact that literally dozens of other employees are available. This is generally due to a combination of factors, including managers that seem to only know a few peoples' names, incompetent floor supervisors, and the fact that they (and the end result of any task they are given) are completely badass, regardless of the situation or work conditions they must endure.
Dairy employee: "Derrrrr, I haven't had time to do anything with the cooler because I spent seven hours unloading a milk truck"...

Manager: "that's fine. I'll just get Tanner and Cody to do it".
*gets on the intercom*
"Seal Team Six to dairy"!

Dairy employee: Hooray! now I can go eat some snack cakes!
by the Book of Mormon June 19, 2011
When someone does something very stealthily, similar to the mission that took down Osama bin Laden.
Guy 1: (sneaking up behind Guy 2 to tackle him, and then tackles him)
Guy 2: 'Oh man bro you totally just pulled a seal team six on me. I didn't even hear you behind me.'
by mayxday May 30, 2011
(v): to go ballistic on, get crazy with, destroy, or be a general badass
man, i brought that chick home last night and went SEAL team Six on her ass" or "man, that chicken head got so slobbery on my knob that I Seal Team Sixed her right in the face!" or "my car broke down for the last time, I'm gonna go SEAL Team Six on that shit!
by mobettermeatymeatsheros May 09, 2011
While banging a girl from behind, you whisper her name until she turns her head towards you, and then you pull out and blast her twice in the face. For dramatic effect, you might even yell "Geronimo" afterwards.
Kyle's high school crush played hard to get for nearly 10 years, but he finally Seal Team Sixed her last weekend.
by frankfantasia September 05, 2014