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SeaNanners (real name - Adam Montoya) is a renowned youtuber who does video game commentaries (predominantly Call of Duty and Minecraft) as well as some blog/update videos. He rose to fame around the release of Modern Warfare 2, in which he was one of the first to upload gameplay/commentarys for the game, and was later contacted by Machinima, who made him one of their premier directors. On 14th June 2010, SeaNanners became a full time employee at Machinima, and works at their offices alongside Hutch, Hollywood and Mr. Sark.

He is known for his catchphrase at the start of each video - "Hello everyone, my name is SeaNanners, and today..."
Guy 1: Dude have you seen SeaNanners' new video?
Guy 2: Yeah I can't believe he got a nuke with just a pistol!
by LandNanners2k10 November 27, 2010
1. Nanner Is A Phase For Banana. Therefore, SeaNanners Are Sea Bananas.

2. SeaNanners Is The Gamer Tag Of A Very Popular Youtuber Who Post Tips And Tactics And Games For The Xbox.
1. I Like To Munch On SeaNanners, There Better Than The Average Banana.

2. A Beastly Gamer...Robotic And Perfectionist.
by xallaraParallax March 26, 2010
The world most awesome living thing. With out it/him the world would end and life would just not be worth living!
We love you seananners!!!!!!
by THE MAN IN THE SKY!"£ November 29, 2010
Sea-Nanner is basically a term that can be used to describe or represent anything. And plus it's a fun word.
"You're acting like a Sea-Nanner"

"You smell like Sea-Nanners"

"I will eat me a bowl of Sea-Nanners"
by Graham67 January 01, 2012
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