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A turd that is left in the toilet when some ignoramous doesn't flush.
I walked into the john to be greeted by someone's sea pickle in the bowl!
by Larryfun August 11, 2005
When one takes a dump in a ocean or lake.
Marty was swimming in the ocean after eating lunch at Taco Bell and decided to pull his trunks down to let out a sea pickle.
by Dan Band April 07, 2006
A human turd floating freely in any body of water. More specifically, the ocean.
While catching some waves, I made contact with a sea pickle
by Nick T. April 05, 2006
When you take a dump in the ocean.
It's late in your summer house and everyone is getting ready i.e. the bathrooms are full so you run out to the ocean to take a sea pickle.
by Katherine Escobar April 05, 2006
A turd that floats, usually left by careless swimmers.
There were no restrooms at the beach, so I left a seapickle in the surf.
by Farls May 08, 2008
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