a chicken head who takes her job super serial
I thought she was a Scutta-Nutta Buttahead Skeet Hoe; she really was an undercover cop.
by The Real Governor August 13, 2007
Top Definition
Scutta-Nutta Buttahead Skeet Hoe - (n.) pronunciation {Sk-ud-duh Nud-duh Bud-duh Hed Sk-ee-t Ho} 1. An over zealous male or female who partakes in an abnormally high amount of social carouseling of the genitailia. Or Scutta for short! 2. Skeet Hoes – a Scutta who takes their job even further by participating in excessive promiscuous activities. ie- fellatio, cunnulingus, or a surplus of slurping.
The biggest attrocity that Scutta-Nutta Buttahead Skeet Hoe can make would be to let an Athlete give her a chilli dog!

Man i wish this Scutta would Hop Off of my nutz.

I let this Skeet Hoe dome me up last night; matter of fact she domed up the entire track team!

Take The Scutta Exam:
This exam was created for anyone who is uncertain of their Status: Are U a Scutta? Could you even possibly be a Skeet Hoe? If you aren’t sure…we suggest that you probably are one of the two. No offense but the truth hurts people! And we only have two words for that…TOUGH BREAK!

If you answer YES to ANY of the following questions then I'm sorry to say...but you ARE a victim of SNBH Itis! And you should seek help immediately.

First Part: Are u a SCUTTA?

-Do you consciously or unconsciously tend to befriend a major portion of the people you chill with because of their celebrity status (Athletes, Greeks, Heads of Clubs and Organizations, etc)?

-Do you know the class, lunch, and travel schedules of certain popular people? Do you purposely fix your schedule in order to interact with them? (I sure hope not lol)

-Do you CONSTANTLY nag people in High ranking positions in order to attain involvement with that particular association? (ie –Randomly performing in public, just because a member of a performance group is in the vicinity - Becoming cool with someone, just so you can stay within their radar.)

- Do you sacrifice important matters or previously scheduled events in order to attend a social gathering that you know a particular male or female will be at?

-Do you frequently add Facebook friends that you don’t know or have never met?

-Are you wack in general? I mean as a person…seriously. U know if your wack. Not a lame because everybody can’t be popular; but if the majority of this campus doesn’t like you as a person, then maybe, just maybe… You’re a SCUTTA!

-Are you currently Dating more than one person at a time? You are not a pimp…lol

Part 2: Are U a Skeet Hoe?

This one question hits all aspects!

-Have you participated in any sexual activity on more than 2 occasions, each time with a different person or persons, within a single semester/session? (Fellatio, fondling, intercourse, or carpet munching)

SO…now that you know your status either, continue to go about your business or seek help if you need it. If you disagree with any of our ideas, perceptions or theories…Tough Break!
by Scutologist July 02, 2006
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