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A Scurfball is defined as a person who hasn't washed their hair in weeks, smokes 2 packs of cigarettes daily, has missing teeth and drinks two 12 packs of beer a day. Every other word is "fuck this" and "fuck that" and their breath smells like the inside of an asshole. A Scurfball consumes large quantities of McDonalds food and does not brush their teeth ever. They have large beer guts and are most likely hardcore Nascar fans.
"Bertha, when are them-there fucking cheese fries gonna be fucking done?! I've been waiting for those motha fuckers for an hour, bitch! My beers running out, my cigs are runnin’ low and I can't be waitin' around any fuckin' longer. I've got some Nascar to be watchin!"....."Harry, you and your fucking Nascar! Why don't you go take a shower and wash that dirty fucking hair, you dumb fucking scurfball!
by cheezy macaroni May 07, 2011

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