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Noun: Anyone who is Dirty, Scummy, white trash, raggedy ass bitches.
Adj: Scurby: dirty etc...
Anyone from the TV show Rosanne is a scurb.
by Torin O October 04, 2006
42 17
Another form of the word "scrub" used more jokingly or less serious
Intended to insult someone at how bad they are something but at the same time make you look good because you're not quite straightforward with your insult.
dude you are such a scurb at this game.
by ButtMuncher May 02, 2013
5 1
code for weed
Hey bro, trying to get rid of any scurbs?
by SillyRabbit78 April 04, 2010
5 3
Testical Puss
In a Sentence - Luke likes licking Testical Puss all day long
by Lord Kernel August 07, 2003
10 30