shoes; mainly referring to Tennis shoes, but Any Casual type shoe (NOT Dressy shoes) can also be referred to as SCUFFS.
"Hey Dude! Nice Scuffs! Where'd you get them?" Scuffs Tennis shoes Sandals Any Casual shoe that can be worn with Jeans or Shorts
by 1 Kool Nana June 03, 2010
Top Definition
To brawl, to throw hands, to initiate fisticuffs. Word comes from ALEX KILMANN NO ONE ELSE.
"Wanna scuff, little bitch?" (in mocking/taunting tone of superiority)
by noneyocookies November 03, 2006
To get dirty or ruin
u scuffed my work boots
by Ricedout July 30, 2003
another word for female private parts
She has a dirty scuff.
by mko87 January 04, 2006
A term from Nova Scotia meaning to dance. You leave scuff marks on the floor from dancing so hard.
scuff or die
by eh.pee April 11, 2011
A non-african girl who likes black guys.
The Kardashian's are such scuffs, have they ever dated a white guy?
by ebran July 22, 2009
to be taken aback, to feel offended, to feel light heartedly/playfully taken aback by someone's comment or gesture or action
He scuffs at his rude comment. I scuffed at her middle finger. *scuffs (ugh) I can't believe you said that!
by that_gal November 12, 2012
A female that leads a guy on. She pretends that she is going to give a guy something ( dome at least) but doesnt, leaving the guy to be the bud of a shitload of jokes
D: So Joe, did u finally hit KP?

Joe: Nah, we just chilled

D: wait...

Joe: dude, she had it in her hand aND SHE JUST DIDNT...!

D: Haha, fag, i told you she was a scuff
by Deakhon June 10, 2009
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