The traditional douchebag handshake, in which the the elbow is raised far above the ground and the hand is almost vertical, forcing the recipient to have to reach underneath.
After Douchebag John gave me the Scuba Steve, I wanted to punch him in the face.
by GLORP October 07, 2006
Top Definition
Action figure in the movie Big Daddy.
I'm Scuba Sam, Scuba Steve's father!
by Brandon Perkins February 10, 2004
The fucking coolest guy ever
Scuba Steve damn you!
by Jimmmy-Jimmy July 25, 2004
The owner and and spokesperson on television and radio commercials for Car Stereo One, a chain of stores in the market of car stereos, remote car starters, and related equipment in Toledo, Ohio. Known for his unusual but unique slogans.
"Hey, it's Scuba Steve, from Car Stereo One. Turtle!"

"Did you see Scuba Steve on that commercial?"
"Yeah, what's with the turtle?"
by ohiofan January 05, 2009
The doll from The Movie Big Daddy staring Adam Sandler. Scuba Steve is cool and never wrong. He makes little kids laugh.
Scuba Steve DAMN YOUUU!!!
by The SCUBA STEVE January 09, 2009
A white rapper from wv, his songs are about the party lifestyle, the struggle, and the real problems with modern society. He is a lyrical mastermind, that is known throughout wv, and stretching out west in Denver where he currently resides!
Man that dude scuba Steve can spit, def the realest white rapper from wv.
by Scuba Steve Rapper November 10, 2013
A man like no other. A not so well known super hero. A man who possesses the ability to woo any woman. Appears in the movie 'Big Daddy'. This is one very unique individual. Believed to have originated from somewhere in England although historians are not sure of the exact wherabouts of origin of this speciman it is believed he currently resides in the humble village of clonlara county clare. Upon birth doctors predicted this phenomenon would well surpass 7 foot in height and achieve many great things.

The name scuba steve has also become a widely used term to describe a highly awkward situation, event or person.

Scuba is considered by many as a true king among men.

In recent times scuba steve has been described by many as irelands answer to Usain Bolt. Scuba steves coaches have boldly predicted that within 2 years he will have smashed usain bolts 100m and 200m records. There is no limit to his potential.

Catch phrases:
"so big"
"so cool"
"so fresh"
"to tesco"

Uses of a scuba steve:
reaching high objects
dictionary of strange information
Anti wall climbing
droping items
finding money saving deals

Also known as:

son of scuba sam
big s
so big
stevie h
Dude no. 1 trips over his own legs
Dude no. 2: "Damn you just did a scuba steve"
by bigexpert May 04, 2009
Someone who posts a ridiculous definition of the phrase "Scuba Steve" on Urban Dictionary.
I'm bored, so it's time to make a new definition for the phrase "scuba Steve."
by panth0r October 21, 2008

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