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the act of scruggling, a synonym of both squirming and struggling.

also being both wild and squirmy.
Faith, settle down you little scruggler!

Everyday I'm scrugglin'

Would you chill out and stop scruggling?
by larissaphilnfaith September 12, 2011
the hardship moment that still allows one to leverage humor
I scruggle - stranded in Bangkok with tranny prostitutes, while stray dogs nip at my heels
by LaJame May 01, 2011
A word that can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective. It can mean that something is a struggle or it can mean someone is looking rough. Scruggle is in the meaning of the beholder.
"This piece of music is the scruggle."
"She is lookin scruggly today with that weave!"
"I am scruggling to get my homework done"
by Scruggly February 05, 2014
(verb) the act of having sex with a girl.
(etymology) contraction of "screw a girl", rendered as a drunk speaker
hey Pedro, are you going to scruggle tonight?
It's scruggling time for Enrico!
by Jebus Fried November 23, 2007
a description for an undescribeable person, every old, haggard, ugly, destroyed, played out face. see haggard.
Leean is such a fucked up ol' scruggle face.
by hilberth March 15, 2005