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Describes facial hair halfway between stubble and a beard.
After several weeks of not shaving, he had achieved nice scrubble.
by Semiuseful Magazine October 22, 2008
8 8
Ghetto version of the popular board game "Scrabble."
Yo dude, let's smoke up and play some scrubble.
by Radiance November 02, 2004
32 20
Late teen (ages 17-19) face stubble, usually on someone that either a) isn't good at shaving or b) is trying to go for the 5 o'clock shadow look
S: "My chin hurts because we were making out for such a long time"

W: "What? How can that be?"

S: "He had tons of scrubble"

W: "Ouch"
by pupu in the sky with diamonds January 03, 2010
7 5
the kind of soap that has little scrubbly thingys in it
ima gonna scrubble you all over!
by teh kt December 19, 2004
2 3
The itchy re-growth of pubic hair on a man's scrotum a few days after he has manscaped. Derivation: scrotum + stubble = scrubble.
Man, my scrubble is itching like hell!
by doctorD February 06, 2013
1 3
A freckle....especially on a child.
She is cute as a button with a sprinkle of scrubbles across her nose...especially in the summer.
by Little Eva June 19, 2008
2 13