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Ghetto version of the popular board game "Scrabble."
Yo dude, let's smoke up and play some scrubble.
by Radiance November 02, 2004
Late teen (ages 17-19) face stubble, usually on someone that either a) isn't good at shaving or b) is trying to go for the 5 o'clock shadow look
S: "My chin hurts because we were making out for such a long time"

W: "What? How can that be?"

S: "He had tons of scrubble"

W: "Ouch"
by pupu in the sky with diamonds January 03, 2010
Describes facial hair halfway between stubble and a beard.
After several weeks of not shaving, he had achieved nice scrubble.
by Semiuseful Magazine October 22, 2008
the kind of soap that has little scrubbly thingys in it
ima gonna scrubble you all over!
by teh kt December 19, 2004
The itchy re-growth of pubic hair on a man's scrotum a few days after he has manscaped. Derivation: scrotum + stubble = scrubble.
Man, my scrubble is itching like hell!
by doctorD February 06, 2013
A freckle....especially on a child.
She is cute as a button with a sprinkle of scrubbles across her nose...especially in the summer.
by Little Eva June 19, 2008
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