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1. A girl that is very loose, easy to get with, girls that like to smash the homies, a girl who openly gives becky.

2. A girl that chills with flashy dudes(dudes with cars, clothes jewlery, status etc.). A groupie

3. One mans wifey, is another mans Scrollie.
1. Kat stackz

2. Girls from Ozone Park are SCROLLIES!

3. I heard that girl with the red hair from bushwick is a scrollie

4. Yo that party in the Bx had mad Scrollies.
by 84st No Witnesses June 18, 2010
2 Words related to Scrollie
An easy chick; a girl that loves to fuck and will fuck any nigga with swag; a girl who fucks around with and is seen with multiple guys at one time; a girl who has been washed up by many niggas from the hood.
Yo I bagged a scrollie the other day, i wanna bring her to club cave so we can run a train on that bitch.
by DJ Juanito June 26, 2010

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