A portmanteau of "scrog" and "scramble"

having sex when you don't really know what's going on, most often due to intoxication.
Adam: What happened last night? I can't feel my face. Did I have a fight?
Joe: Nope, you scrobbled a bint.
by RubberDucky April 02, 2007
the action used by zombies in an attack; a combination of gobble and scramble

adopted as a common practice amongst youngsters nowadays, especially on strangers when staggering drunkenly home in undead attire
"that undead bitch scrobbled me all over, but i got away"

"you try to scrobble me, foo'??"
by pixie debauchee October 30, 2007
To scrobble is the action of shaving ones testicles with a rusty blade.
" i cut myself scrobbling and now i have tetanus!"
"you have to be carefull when you scrobble"
by monkeyboy masson June 25, 2007

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