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In a competitive game, when you play against another team for practice in an unranked match.
We just played a scrimmage against Gz last game; they kick some ass.
by cheryablinsk70 July 01, 2009
Word used to describe a fight / brawl
Omdz guess what? I saw some BIG scrimmage today outside KFC...

Hey did you hear about the scrimmage that happened yesterday?
by Seven_7 March 13, 2009
To talk to a person of the opposite sex. Trying to ask a person out on a date, spit game.

Holla at a girl who you want on your team.
Esteban - Man shorty right there is bad!

Tony - Yea she is I tried to scrimmage with her at the last party but she wasn't having it.

Esteban - That's cause your game is whack, watch this coach get a new starter.
by Verbal_TH July 21, 2012
to have sex, fornicate, or fight, and various other uses depending on mood and timing.
Did you see Julia? That bitch is hot, I'd love to scrimmage with her!
by Gibby45 October 15, 2008
To have sex with, play the skin flute, flog the dolphin, best three seconds of your life
"Man, Rachel looks insane tonight, I'd sure love to scrimmage with her!"
by Falcor96 February 06, 2009
when a girls panties are in a twist
Dont mind Betty. Shes just having a scrimmage.
by dundlegrundleberrycherry February 27, 2003
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