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to lift up ball sack and scrap under using a chease grator as used by richard deleon my spanish teacher

one more scrime boys!!!
scrime flakes cereal, deleon's choice
by statusfx May 12, 2009
30 5
Sex crimes.
She just got scrimed.
She did not want to part take in the scrimes.
by Scrimer February 03, 2010
2 0
variation on scrimp. a cheapskate.

(coined prior to 1968 by lotta turner, age 85)
he won't spend a penny on anything. he's a scrime.
by Merely March 15, 2011
2 2
To take an egg and simply smear it all over a brick wall.

Let's go scrime, pichu! *smears eggs on brick wall*
by Kittiez May 13, 2006
8 17