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The ability to take a received email, hit reply to all, add a few more addresses (like the Sr VP for example), Then change what the original sender sent you to something insane, type your response and hit send. (Usually done to the annoying email happy coworkers, or just to fuck with your coworkers in general.) Even better when you send on and don't include the original sender...
Terry - Suzanne check your email -

Suzanne - Nice - hey James great idea!
Sr VP - James, can I see you in my office please?
James - Yes, sir.
Sr VP - According to an email I just received, you want to give my daughter a Strawberry Shortcake?
James - Uhhh no, sir. I was telling Terry that my mom made a great strawberry shortcake last weekend. I think he Screwmailed me.
by LiptonLipton October 14, 2009
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