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while looking at one's computer, the surprise pop-up ad that appears independent of the user's actions. typically, this pop-up ad appears to block out the whole screen, and is difficult to close out.
"I was checking out that new website for shoes, and I got screenjacked with an ad for an online university."
by mrs. sucksby May 13, 2009
4 1
To look at another players screen when comencing in gameplay, to benifit the cheating dink.
Most commonly used by men with small penis.
Side effects my include: increased hair groth on penis, facial deformity and loss of penis and/or penise(s).
screenjacking is contageous and will spread quicly through your enviroment, if you come across a screenjacker IMEDIATLY close your eyes and masturbate for the best.
An Example is below.
B-Dup: real swell man, i go an energy sword.
Screenjackest4life: i no, im gay.
B-Dup: FUKEN Screen jack to the max
Screenjackest4life: ill screen, then possably jack ur mom.
B-Dup: not if i do first, lil' bitch.
by Ghettonomus January 07, 2008
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