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The excrements of waste left around the anus after a thorough expulsion of poop. Sometimes caught in anus hair, Screechies are common to the average male and rarely occur in female anuses. (this is because female humans do not, in fact, poo at all)
"Duuuude my Screechies are just makin my but itch like crazy!"

"Yo, I saw a guy eat his freaking Screechies the other day"

"Man I am sweating so much, that my Screechies are turning to liquid!"
by Dr. Wilma April 20, 2006
Adj. A feeling of tiredness and wired at the same time. Noticeable characteristics are short temper, a fuzzy confused feeling in your brain, feeling as if your skin is crawling or dirty and a slightly dehydrated sensation; like your eyes are sand marbles.

Feeling screechy can be brought on by having an infant that didn't sleep all night resulting in you only having 3 non consecutive hours of sleep. The problem is compounded when you've eaten nothing but toast and a candy bar.
Will you please quit touching me? Can't you tell I'm screechy today?


I wasn't listening to what you said. My brain is full of shit and I'm all screechy!
by lindie March 25, 2006
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