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1) v. to masturbate, particularly used when referring to male masturbation.

2) v. to stimulate another's penis manually.
1) Did John come to school today?
-Nope, he decided to stay home
and screech the weasel to some
Czech transsexual porn.

2) She hit me in the face, so I
made her screech my weasel for

Nota Bene : When used in the past tense, screech is not conjugated as "screeched," rather as "scroche," (pronounced "skROACH."
I heard Bob went over to Susan's.
Did they fool around?
-Nope, they just sat in separate
rooms all night and silently
scroche their respective weasels.
Ha, Bob gets no play.
by DasProfezzional May 04, 2005
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