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A dirty, unliked person.
Kiman is a nasty little screb
by sam1992 August 13, 2007
a warringtonian term for a scruffy bastard
Jonny never washes his bell end he's a fucking screb!
by one eyed milkman April 19, 2004
horrible bits...horrible thing...dirty person
When your mate samples some food off your cuttlery, and leave bits of food and lip all over it...this is also known as screb. Or When you're drinking and you can see bits floating round in a drink, that is also screb Or When ur talking to someone, and there is a build up of white shit in the corner of their mouth...that is also screb (the worst kind imo) Somthing can be screbby aswell and so can a person...

but it can be used for any sort of ming...
by manchestergirl84 October 11, 2007
Can also be used as a verb, meaning to gather up the very last of something, for example to prevent wasteage. Most often done by drug addicts who are running out of money. Also, "screb up"
"I'll just screb these last bits of coke and see if I can make another line"
by KremlinJo May 11, 2010
A dirty un-liked person.
"Dean is such a Screb"
"Go have a shower you smell you screb"
by Screb September 07, 2015
tall lanky fucker, who wears ridiculous chain around neck constantly. Normally commits football hooliganism for fun, terrorising the fans of local east london clubs.
Chris 'the screb king' needham, is a clear screb
by ocstt June 20, 2011
A Screb is Somebody that has done something incredibly bad or incredibly good
Luke - "Marcus has Robbed your tenner"
Dale - "You Screb"
Matt - "I found a tenner"
Dale - "You Screb"
by DaleAKATeMpO December 08, 2008
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