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1.One who goes to a swapmeet, and does not shower all weekend, also known as a "weekender" (Origin; Englishtown Swap Meet)

2.Also a loner or extra.
1.Wow that guy has not showered all weekend, what a scragler.

Dude, how are those fries, can I get a scragler or two at the bottom of the bag?
by RyanFugstig August 14, 2006
One who does hurtin things for a living, or all the time.

Person who just plain hurts.

Person who cheats his fellow brethren.

Person who is dirty, does not bathe or shave, and is of a scragly appearance.
"You hurtin scragler, you ate my burger."

"You pinched from my sac, scragler."

"You should shave Dustin, it looks scraglin."
by Vormav January 16, 2004