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Someone, or something vicious, of a gangly nature. Often Horridly ugly, outcast from society.
"Ecch! Your girlfriend is ganglevicious!"

"You might want ot get those ganglevicious scabs looked at."

"Damn, that pit bull with one eye is gangle vicious."
by Vormav January 15, 2004
Ripped beyond all belief.

Stoned Objective To Kill Teammates in Counter-Strike.

A Team In Which Members Smoke Copius Amounts of Mind-Altering/Enhancing Narcotic Substances, Resulting In The Death Of Your Teammates Via Friendly Fire Or Massive Bong Tokes.
"Team...killin......heh heh...."
by Vormav February 26, 2004
One who does hurtin things for a living, or all the time.

Person who just plain hurts.

Person who cheats his fellow brethren.

Person who is dirty, does not bathe or shave, and is of a scragly appearance.
"You hurtin scragler, you ate my burger."

"You pinched from my sac, scragler."

"You should shave Dustin, it looks scraglin."
by Vormav January 16, 2004
To ravage, cause bodily harm.

To steal.

To be beaten with an ugly stick.

To not shave, or bathe.
"I'm gonna scraglinate your ass!"
by Vormav January 16, 2004
Word defining times of ill content.
."James ravaged my christmas turkey!"

"Fuck, I Lost 10 Bucks!"

RoughTimes, I Lost an Eye."
by Vormav January 14, 2004
To boast, brag, or imbelish.

To Spectate Hella.
"What's The Reason For The Glamourizin?"
by Vormav February 26, 2004
The definition of all that is smelly, dirty, theiving, and just plain hurts.

"Look at that scraglination pickin' his bum diggin through trash, swarmin' with flies."
by Vormav January 16, 2004

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