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The liquid that runs down a girls leg after anal.
I got scrad all over mah leg LOL
by xCLAMx October 10, 2007
the pimp of all pimps....also known as Scrad Mastah Flex Nuts
scrad you're the king of pimps
by Matt Mother Fuckin' Kim May 05, 2005
Scrad is a very cool dude who has a vast array of minions to do his bidding. Most people know him by the words he uses such as "bam". Connotations are a must when talking to this individual.
Person:"Scrad can i become your minion?"
Scrad:"You may my precious, but work hard and serve me well or beware my wrath"
by Scrad January 12, 2005
An improvised device used for cleaning a pipe or one hitter, preferably carved from a stem and decorated.

The original scrad was created by a pair of bothers who developed this tool after visiting a mutual friend at different times. Scott carved the tool and Brad decorated (hence the name scrad).
This pipe is clogged. Do you have anything to clear it with?
Not off hand. But, I can clean up this stem into a scrad.
by Tiny911 April 03, 2012
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