A `game` played during a makeout session; originated from a group of friends going to a coffee shop and playing Scrabble for the hell of it. one of the group members referenced making out as a `sexier version of scrabble` (whom shall remain anonymous!) and another member (ANONYMOUS!!) suggested spelling out your name/words with your tongue. This is yet to be experienced with pop rocks... =] hahaha.
person 1: hey, i scrabbled with so-so today
person 2: you did? oh you naughty...who won?
by KATRINA February 21, 2005
A great way to make up words for urban dictionary!
I was playing scrabble last night with my clan and wow we came up with some nice words. We just wrote down the seven letters on the wooden plate in weird combonations and gave them odd definitions.
by Oliver Quidgeums May 18, 2006
Scrabble is an antiquated coloquealism for crack cocaine. Crack cocaine, the finest of all cocaines, is made from the simmering of pure Columbia white with baking soda and ammonia.
Whitney Houston would you oblige me, and please load up another hit of scrabble, and by scrabble I mean crack cocaine.
by Gregor Iceman July 25, 2005
a term used on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to refer to a mixture of morphine sulfate and diacetylmorphine(heroin).

chances are if you are a heroin addict on the eastern shore and you arent using pharmaceuticals, you are using scrabble. there is very little pure heroin around.
Damn yo! That scrabble that you picked up from that crackwhore is the shee-it!
by Weezy F September 25, 2006
one's particular use of words in speech.
ugh! I've mixed up my scrabble all day today!
by NLC333 December 10, 2005
A vaginal discharge composed of male semen. It is important to know that the female is responsable for cleaning up any/all scrabble mess in the beadroom, particularly the sheets. Scrabble may never belong to the Male because the female is allways the last person to touch it.
baby, deal with your scrabble, it makes me gag.
by John Clark Robertson March 20, 2007
scrabble is one's house.
Yo, you wanna go back to your SCRABBLE and just chill?
by j krams August 14, 2008

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