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A demanding stuffed dog with rock paws. He is known to sport a floral bandanna and smug look. He refuses to cut the fur around his eyes and has been known to smell like pizza. Truth be told he was born from a claw machine in a seedy strip club in Montreal QC, however he will tell tall tales of being born in China, having spent time in Hawaii with the dolphins, and travelling across Canada on the sweat of his brow with rocks in his paws and bandanna flapping in the wind. He will tell you he has tons of friends and that you will love them but really half have gone down the garbage chute and the others will just bug you!
This pink dolphin I won at the strip club sucks, I wish it was a Scrabbles.
by Cristewvie February 02, 2011
A severe problem, situation or, to put it simply, trouble. Trouble so worse, that there's not enough words or letters to explain what happened or what will happen. Also means to get into some dangerous mischief as well.
Example 1:

Troy: Did you hear about Marcus? Dude got framed for killing someone's family and now he's serving life in prison for nothing!

Chris: Damn....he's in some deep scrabble right now.

Example 2:

Michael: Oh shit! Come quick! The toilet's backed up and someone broke an expensive vase in the back!

Lewis: WHAT!? My parents are coming back in 15 more minutes and if they found out I threw a big house party here, I'll be in some big scrabble!!

Example 3:

Guy #1: So, little guy, what kind of scrabble did you get yourself into this time?

Guy #2: We gave teachers brownies laced with ex-lax on teacher's appreciation day, and......wait, what are you talking about "scrabble" for? That's just a board game!

Guy #1: Not anymore it ain't.

Guy #2:......you are weird.
by CG2079 October 27, 2010
To play scrabble, one plays with themselves. Scrabble a board game, is one that both genders of this earth can enjoy.scrabble is introduced to the lives of many strating from a young age, some as young as 13, this act continues through life until the board game some what subsides and your pieces become soiled. scrabble a game for all the family to enjoy.
o darla you sure throw my pieces. Your my best partner when it comes to scrabble.
by MC andre wharper October 26, 2004
An act of group sex.

Swinging, Dogging, Furring etc.


Scrabble, Scrabbling
"On our wedding night, my mother-in-law insisted on booking us into a honeymoon suite, so we invited all our friends to an after party. We played Scrabble late into the night and everyone stayed over and slept on the hotel-room floor."
by PSM September 08, 2008
fucking around with your boyfriend/girlfriend
"hey wanna go play some scrabble?!"
"yeah, let's go to your room.."
by jakeoneballrichards April 05, 2010
Oral Sex
That was so pretty awesome scrabble. I gave her a real mouthful, but not of words.
by Scrabblesaurus June 09, 2009
A code word for alcohol. Commonly used by those under the age of 21.
"dude are you going to ashley's to play scrabble?"
"Lets play scrabble this weekend"
by Scotty McPotty March 18, 2009