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to get drunk on nothing but Long Island Iced Teas, the preferred drink of Marge Simpson.
"Me and Tifanie were at the Biltmore and they were doing a special on double Long Island Iced Teas, so we decided to marge it up all night and we were trashed by the time we got home."

"Damn, I marged it up so hard last night, my hair practically turned blue."
by RazzyFoxtrot October 27, 2009
Sun Kwon is a character on the ABC show, LOST, portrayed by Korean actress Yunjin Kim. Sun is the head bitch in charge, as is best displayed by her capacity for sitting back and letting everyone else do stupid shit like hunting for monsters. In any given scene, there is a ~45% likelihood that Sun will slap a character in the face, pull a gun on them, shoot them to death on a boat, poison them to keep them *off* a boat, hit them in the back of the head with an oar, or secretly steal their billion-dollar corporation by purchasing it through multiple banks. All of the crazy time travel shit is happening on the island because Sun is using her Korean magic to make it happen.
My History prof gave me a low mark on my term paper, so when she turned around I hit her in the back of the head with an oar. Then while she was unconscious, I stole her corporation and now I'm worth millions. I used the Sun Kwon approach to problem-solving.
by RazzyFoxtrot March 26, 2009

a portmanteau of Scrabble and ability -

1. the ability to earn many points in Scrabble with obscure words;

2. the ability to believably lie about blatantly falsified words in Scrabble and get away with it.
I totally deceived Jasmine into believing "cugy" was a word with my highly-honed scrabbility, and received seventeen points.
by RazzyFoxtrot September 09, 2007

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