someone who just doesn't know!
scotty doesn't know scotty doesnt knoww.. so don't tell scotty!
by Amandaaaaaa June 19, 2008
One who is unable to comprehend the multitude of the current situation he is in. In layman's terms, it is safe to naturally assume he doesn't know.
Random tosser: Wait, your name's Scott. Scotty doesn't know! Scotty doesn't know!
by djskein September 28, 2007
crack/freebase cocaine; the experience of smoking crack (the high)
That hit sucked...I didn't see Scotty.
by Tony Smegma September 26, 2006
the most sound a person can be
dude, you're so scotty
by the pope March 25, 2003
Montgomery Scott played by Jimmy Doohan (pity about the accent)
Chief Engineer On the REAL starship Enterprise, could fix anything and frequently challenged the laws of physics and won!.See Star Trek
geordi la forge is Scotty's biatch
by Aye Yer Maw March 04, 2006
(n.)A gorgeous Angel. Worthy of all the riches and best things in the world. Loved by many. The whole world and one's whole heart. The most amazing person one experiences in their life. Sent by God. Perfection. Has an amazing voice. NOT A LIE.
Maya is SO in love with that Scotty...
by M.jay October 17, 2007
a type of person who is ill, wicked, and in the blink of an eye will merk you. so be cautious
Why does that kid try to be such a scotty
by flava flav December 04, 2004

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