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A relatively amazing sexual act in which your partner, whom ever it may be, man or woman--or man-lady in fucked up cases, proceeds to insert your balls in to their mouth and and simultaneously tickle your gooch with the tip of their pinky finger of their right hand and jack you off with the left hand until the point of inevitable ejaculation.
Damn that bitch i met last night was an expert at the Scottish Bagpipes!
by Dr. Dirty...Borat...Skeeter February 15, 2009
When a woman proceeds to sit on your face, and then queefs in your mouth, thus sucking air from her pussy. your cheeks blow up like you are inhaling on a scottish bagpipe, and then you blow out your own tune.
I was eatin' my chick out when she scottish bagpiped the shit outta me. i puked immiediatley.
by realnice6969696 December 15, 2008
when your tryin to get some lunch from a girls pussy and she decides to drop a pussy fart in your mouth
Nicky gave one of those curtos the scottish bag pipe
by kid from the tree October 28, 2006
When your companion sits in a chair and you stand behind him/her a little off and proceed to have sex with their lubricated armpit.
Me and Gina got wasted last Saturday and we went back to my place where I gave her a Scottish Bagpipe
by Streder May 23, 2008
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