spray a girls ass and tits with axe body spray. light it on fire and fuck her
scorch muffin that bitch
by bustynutsack1234 July 06, 2009
Top Definition
a very good band from ontario ohio who are for the most part are unheard of
did you see scorch muffins last night tey were epic
by scorch muffins May 09, 2011
The small bits of burnt marijuana that are pulled through the unfiltered pipe and into your mouth.
That bowl is cashed, I got a mouth full of scorch muffins with that last hit.
by cptnoobstomper April 19, 2009
n. a state or being which results when the rectum releases volcanic or searing excrement.

i.e. your ass cheeks are on fire or perhaps combustible.

"Dude, I ate a wicked-hot chicken finger sub, so I had to drop a deuce and now I have major scorch muffins."
by Hans Olmaicok and Peter Beter December 12, 2008
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