Proper noun. The Muppet who usually handled the guests for the Muppet Show.
Superstar guest: "Scooter, do you realize you have me set to sing with 3 giant seals?"

Scooter: "I'm sorry but the other quartet member was sick!"
by DaBunny June 03, 2005
A fat and/or ugly woman that one of your friends had sex with. Called a "scooter" because just like a real scooter, it's fun to ride, only 'til your friends catch you doing it.
1. Hey man, did you see the scooter Mark brought home, she had to be at least 300 pounds!

by Mark Beaner November 19, 2007
a closet tran-sexual who gets pissed over old videos, and gets his friends to talk shit about peoples unborn children.
why do you have to call 20 of your friends??? don't be a scooter.
by tha realest nigger April 06, 2010
Nickname for persons named Scot
That Scooter is one fine cat.
by Lisa October 12, 2003
Devrived from "boot scooter."

A 'Scooter' is somebody who wears thick tan jackets, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, ...... yet does not work on a farm or ranch. They often sport a male camel toe and chew copenhaagen.

A common stereotype in small town high schools.
Person 1: Did you see those Scooters at taco night? They were drinking a coors on their tail gate and blairing Sweet Home Alabama

Person 2: Yup, they are Scooters alright
by Lease42 October 24, 2010
the sexual act of getting a blowjob while your girl is on her back and slowly start to scoot forward on her face till your ass is in her face getting your salad tossed
last night i gave jasmine a scooter
by dptreetment December 23, 2007
A famous bar on Highway 17 near Savannah, GA. It's owned by Ray. Ice cold tallboys, only $0.79! Come on down!
Hey, Dale, are you going to Scooter's tonight? I heard there were going to be some hot hoochies there!
by BJ August 25, 2004

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