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Nickname for Subaru cars (particularly Imprezas) in the UK. Rhyming slang, from Scooby-doo.
I always wave to other Scoob drivers.
by Scoob driver September 20, 2007
57 45
when you're smoking marijuana out of a pipe or piece and you suck in too hard and you get ash (or 'scoobs') in your mouth.
Diana: hey, Lillie, pass me that bowl!
Lillie: no, man! that sh*t is cashed, i totally just got scoobs!
by Big Shasta July 27, 2004
104 21
noun: tactless guys that approach girls to hook-up.
omg did you see that scoob spill his beer on himself while was asking me out?! hilarious!
by sandspit August 27, 2007
158 77
When you are almost finished with a bowl of fine weed, if you ever get a nugget of ash, it's referred to as a scoob. Also known as a scooby or a scooby-snack.
(Person 1): Dude, I took a really hard hit when we were almost out of weed, and a bunch of ash flew into my mouth!

(Person 2): Sounds like someone had a couple scooby snacks!
by TheGreenMachine420 October 29, 2011
81 42
Slang for marijuana.

Derived from Scooby Doo drug references, specifically scooby snacks. Scooby snacks being a not-so-subtle reference to the munchies and therefore making scoob a not-so-subtle reference to marijuana.
Hey, make sure to bring the scoob on the camping trip this weekend.
by Cowboy Wook February 23, 2005
127 97
A guy/girl who likes you, constantly texts you, and will do anything you ask them to, but who you dont actually like.
Girl, you got so many scoobs after you!
by P Sizzle! May 17, 2011
27 18
Scoobs are scooby boobs, or saggy tits.
Marilyn had nasty old scoobs.
by Jacques Asse June 09, 2009
27 20