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1. Something that you say when someone does/says something that they would do when they are mad high.

2. Anything funny or cool that someone says/does that would be greatly enhanced when that person and the group of friends he/she was with when they were all mad high.
1. (Person 1) Dude, let's go get some tortilla chips, but instead of salsa, let's use NUTELLA!!
(Person 2) Haha, that's so high.

2. (Person 1) Dude, how fun would it be to go to Burger King, then take our food and climb up the service ladder and eat on the roof!
(Person 2) That's so high. Let's do it!
by TheGreenMachine420 October 24, 2011
When you are almost finished with a bowl of fine weed, if you ever get a nugget of ash, it's referred to as a scoob. Also known as a scooby or a scooby-snack.
(Person 1): Dude, I took a really hard hit when we were almost out of weed, and a bunch of ash flew into my mouth!

(Person 2): Sounds like someone had a couple scooby snacks!
by TheGreenMachine420 October 29, 2011
A mental headbutt. Such a concentrated amount of mental force that it feels like you just received a headbutt.
(Person 1): You better not piss me off or I'll mindbutt you!

(Person 2): That's bullshit you can't even OW what the fuck was that?

(Person 1): MIND. BUTT. BITCH.
by TheGreenMachine420 November 05, 2011
(v.) When you smoke someone 2 or more times consecutively in any game,sport, or activity.
Jessie: Yeah I scored!

Justin: Oh yeah well I'll score on you!

*Jessie makes a spectacular block, Justin tumbles to the ground and Jessie proceeds to score another 5 times*

Jessie: You just got Combo Smoked!
by TheGreenMachine420 February 11, 2012

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