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a little bit or a small portion.
How much Vodka do you want? Just a scoach?
by Iron Chin December 09, 2010
To steal with extreme stealth. More commonly spelled skoach. The act of theft.
Dawg, how did you scoach that entire 12-pack?
by Nugget75 May 22, 2006
The act of mixing Scope mouth wash and Scotch to get you drunk and give you incredible smelling breath.
Kevin: Dude, how is Scotty so plastered yet have such awesome breath?

Chance: I saw him putting mouth wash in his liquor.

Kevin: Scoach..? Most fucking awesome thing i have ever heard.
by Steve Saigere March 21, 2010
(n) a feeling or sixth sense that people associate with cops, parents, teachers, and other authority figures when feeling sketchy, like they could catch you (smoking dosha? yes)

(v) the action of sneaking around, acting sketchy, or trying not to act sketchy

(adj) the way authority figures and weird, pie kids are

this word is interchangable with sketchy, sketch, scoaching, etc.
it is very hard to define and at times means the opposite of itself.
it can be used in place of almost any word.
it can be used to describe almost anything.
"that kid is so scoach"
"i feel scoach about this"
"you are so scoach"
"i tried to like, scoach out of there before anything happened"
"that cop just scoached up on us, scoooooooach"
"this is the scoachest thing we have ever done, by far"
by johnnnnnnn_ August 25, 2009

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