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When lesbians intertwine their legs and rub pussies together.
The two women lay on the bed in front of me and had an amazing scissor fight
by James March 10, 2003
A scissorfight is when two lesbians arrange themselves in such away as to make contact with their vaginas and then proceed to stimulate each other by grinding their pelvises together.
This porn video I saw yesterday had the hottest scissorfight ever! Them bitches was crazy!
by Antagony December 20, 2003
New Hampshire band, that dress like rednecks. with zepplin riffs with songs like "granite state destroyer"
"Were survivalists, in the wilderness, our battle cry LIVE FREE OR DIE"
I got deaf from the scissor fight show
by alex June 04, 2004
(v): A lesbian act of non-dick coitus.
"Now I know why my girlfriend left me, I just caught her scissor fighting her house mother!"
by Austin Pealy August 22, 2009
1. a band that jerry claims is a band but doesnt exist
2. a form of lesbian sex
Jerry: i listen to real hate music like SLIPKNOT and SCISSOR FIGHT
Us: dude that fuckin band scissor fight dont exist


man watchin lesbos eat each other out and have scissor fights on is the best
by patio boi April 04, 2004
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