An extremely long, skinny penis.
Cot damn, look at that dude's schween!
by Jimmy Chang December 16, 2003
Top Definition
a penis small enough to allow intercourse with a nostril
His co-workers laughed when they found out Dave had a schween
#weeny #schlong #wang #chub #needledick
by felonius November 16, 2006
n. a dork, an idiot
Look at Hugh, he's such a schween!
#dork #idiot #dumb ass #nerd #loser
by Ryan Elle May 08, 2010
A penis, esp. an erect one
Dude, I showed Tamara my schween last night and she pointed and laughed at it!
#cock #dick #percy #willy #penis #shaft #johnson
by QuiteRadical February 03, 2015
A noun that can be used in a negative context when you overuse 'dick' 'jackass' or the 1983 'geek'.
Take your cock out of the toaster! You're such a schween
by josh November 16, 2003
the part of the penis that, when stimulated, causes one to burst into uncontrollable laughter.
John's nipples make my schween hard.
by Special Kay May 13, 2003
someone who handles a small package
His chick will be nothing short of a schween to him as long as they're together.
by Miller Time May 07, 2003
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