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the part of the penis that, when stimulated, causes one to burst into uncontrollable laughter.
John's nipples make my schween hard.
by Special Kay May 13, 2003
a penis small enough to allow intercourse with a nostril
His co-workers laughed when they found out Dave had a schween
by felonius November 16, 2006
n. a dork, an idiot
Look at Hugh, he's such a schween!
by Ryan Elle May 08, 2010
A noun that can be used in a negative context when you overuse 'dick' 'jackass' or the 1983 'geek'.
Take your cock out of the toaster! You're such a schween
by josh November 16, 2003
An extremely long, skinny penis.
Cot damn, look at that dude's schween!
by Jimmy Chang December 16, 2003
someone who handles a small package
His chick will be nothing short of a schween to him as long as they're together.
by Miller Time May 07, 2003