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Mr. Pete Schweddy is a fictional character from the Saturday Night Live sketch 'Delicious Dish.' Mr. Schweddy represents the (equally fictional) Schweddy Family line of meat products, including Schweddy Balls and Schweddy Weiner. He has " ... quite a reputation as the king of stadium-cooked cuisine."

The sketch is quite funny, and pretty obviously all about sexual innuendo. 'Schweddy' sounds like 'sweaty,' and all the various interpretations of 'meat' refer to male genitals. The outrageousness of the references steadily increases as the sketch goes on.
Pete Schweddy: That's right. I'm proud to say I've won great acclaim for my takes on popcorn, crackerjacks, and pretzel bread. But I think what I am most known for is my weiner.

Margaret Jo McCullen: Your weiner. Wow. You don't say.

Pete Schweddy: I sure do. Would you like to see it?

Margaret Jo McCullen: Please. Please. (Pete pulls out a tray of weiners) Wow ...

Pete Schweddy: Is that some weiner, or what?

Margaret Jo McCullen: Yeah, it's a doozy, Pete.

Lynn Vershad: Now, is that a foot-long, or..?

Pete Schweddy: (chuckles) You flatter me!
by Verbithrax Pejorative April 06, 2011

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