A wasted shlore (a slut whore)
The schwasted bride went home with the best man!
by smurfy100 November 08, 2009
to be completely and utterly totally F*CKED UP!!!! FUBAR!!!!
im gonna get schwasted on ST. PATTYS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
by sam adams my flippin name March 12, 2008
The state of being drunk and high.
Dude, let's chief I wanna get schwasted

by the leahood gangstas September 30, 2006
the condition of being inebraited, particularly likely in cananda, symptons include stumbling, vomiting, and being escorting out of clubs and bars by staff members
Why is Ashley always schwasted?
Please don't kick us out for being schwasted.
by jules March 11, 2004
A word used by little kids who think they're drunk
That party got me so schwasted last night.. I don't remember anything after I fell asleep.. I might have been on marijuana
by genericwhitemale February 10, 2008
A word that Maria likes to use in her away messages even though it is clearly not part of the English language.
"Umich is so boring, all we do is get schwasted"
by Atrain April 28, 2004
Shit Hammered Wasted
Look at that prick! He's sooooo schwasted lmao
by Annie Puthhar December 17, 2014

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