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Schreck shrek verb (used with object) -ed, -ing

1. The process by which a white male is viciously attacked for saying something perfectly reasonable and that that women and minorities say every day. It refers to a pundit in Canada who caused a national outrage when he suggested a female politician's cleavage in the legislature was inappropriate, despite the fact that 62% of women polled by LinkedIn identified inappropriate attire as a workplace peeve.

French: le Schreck (masc.) -Shrecké (past tense), que tu Schreck (Plus-que-Parfait)
Did you hear that Larry Summers got canned as president of Harvard for saying boys and girls are somewhat different? Dude got totally Schrecked.

The male candidate received a thorough Schrecking when he suggested women seek counselling before abortion, despite his female opponent saying the exact same thing.

Obama doesn't support gay marriage? Wow, if he were a white dude he'd totally get Schrecked.

Sacre bleu! Mon chum été Schrecké par le Journal de Montréal à cause de critiqué les féministes!
by BCer October 08, 2011
-A conniving midget
-A corrupted munchkin
-A malciously crafty oompa-loompa
-A small person who steals and cheats
What the fuck, my cookie was stolen by another fucking schreck
by DRAID April 22, 2009

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