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A person having minimal motivation.

A person who never takes the initiative to complete a task.

This person is all around lazy.

This person is considered to be a burden on society.
What exactly have you done all day long, you schlup?!?!

And you didn't do anything about that?!?-You Schlup!
by Goodgrrrl May 18, 2005
/: verb
"to schlup; schlupping"
The act of dragging one's flip flops along the ground whilst walking, generating an constant and highly unsavoury sound.

/: noun
The name or term bestowed upon the irritating person who partakes in the act of 'schlupping' on a regular basis.
Eg #1.
First Person: "Have you ever noticed how annoying Daniel's walk is?"
Second Person: "As a matter of fact I have, it's because he never stops schlupping."

Eg #2.
First Person: "Damn, Dan's walk is so bloody annoying! It drives me CRAZY"
Second Person: "I know right?! He's such a fucking schlup!"
by Lord Montague Verapue November 02, 2013
The sound made if one was to to place one's hands behind a girls head during sex and when she's least execting it, just go a head and just whack it in her mouth. This should create the pleasant "schlup" sound.
Oh thats good, oh right there, mmm, oh where are you going, where do you want me...*schlup*...mmm, mmufffrrrlfff mm, glaaaarbbmuurgmmmblle...Gasp.
by Ben Tricarico November 30, 2007
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