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An attractive, intelligent and bloody hilarious lady. Requirments include - too much makeup, oversized hairstyles, being rude and taking up too much space on the dance floor.
The title of Schlag must be attributed to an individual - it is not something one can claim of themselves. Moreover it is not something to be taken lightly. There are only 6 original schlags, who are now legends in their own right.
Male alternate: Schlad.
"OOhh you Schlag"
by Schlag 1 September 09, 2011
acting incredibly stupid or acting like a jerk
"Dude your such an ass to girls"

"Yeah your a real schlag"
by sdfSDFSdg May 04, 2009
1; A player or participated considered disobeying the rules as a pro player

2; Anybody who is a rude person who turns down anything
Johny disobeyed all the rules in footbal, he is a schlag
by Zozhang September 14, 2009
v. to pee; to piss; #1; draining the bladder of its liquid, hopefully into a waste depository via the urinary tract.
OMG hold on, I gotta schlag. BRB SCHLAG.
by SuperZtheDestroyer September 06, 2007
The most rare form of award/point, always used in association with lollerskate. It is a higher form of a lollerskate. 1 Schlag is the equivalent of 50 lollerskates. However, there is a twist. Once someone receives 50 lollerskates, that person cannot have any more lollerskates, but Schlags are given after that, for what would normally be every 50 lollerskates after the first 50. If the person has not yet achieved the equivalent of 100 lollerskates (50 lollerskates and 1 Schlag) they are still considered to have only 50 lollerskates, and are awesome, but not so holy as to have a Schlag. If someone receives a Schlag, everyone should bow down and lick their asses because this person should be treated like a god. Anyone who receives a Schlag is one of the Coolest-Of-Cool Council. Any more Schlags received after the first Schlag just make the person more and more holy. Finally when the person reaches 10 Schlags and 50 lollerskates, which is impossible so there is no point in having such a thing, that person will have more power than anyone in the universe, and can figure out exactly how to have sex with a procupine without seriously getting injured.
Congrats! You recieve 50 Lollerskates on the acquisition of your new car! And a Schlag!
by Ric The Spic April 24, 2005
Usually used in context with lollerskate. This is the highest honor one can recieve in the realm of gabbo and fa-chotch. This is often used in terms of describing something that is amazing, or stunning.


by The-Cabbage-Patch-Snack April 23, 2005
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