Synonym for pussy, coward, or wuss, esp. a coward with the characteristics of a douchebag.
You're the captain of the ship! Don't be such a schettino--get back on board and help rescue people!
by Mayor of Awesometown January 18, 2012
Coward, cowardly. Derived from the name of the captain of the luxury liner Concordia, because he ran it aground Jan. 2012, by going too close to shore, and then abandoned ship on a lifeboat and refused to return to help the other passengers or crew get off the boat safely, because he was scared to go back on the ship.
"You like to push women around? Gawd, you're such a Schettino."

"Don't be so Schettino. Just jump: the diving board is only three feet high and you're making everybody else wait to dive!"

"He had unprotected sex with her repeatedly; then when she turned up pregnant, he left town. Very Schettino-ish."
by righteously outraged 1 January 17, 2012
1.A pussy; a person who acts cowardly, abandoning or runnning from danger.

2.The act of being cowardly.
That "schettino" hauled ass when things got rough.

I pulled a "schettino" when that guy punched me in the nose.
by hwrdjd January 21, 2012

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