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Someone with thick poofy hair. Pretty much everything that leaves their mouth is a sexual innuendo. Mirty mind, ad tend to pelvis thrust anyone within a 12 miles radius. Facebook creeps all day long, in their pajamans. Gay pride mascot. Moniters neighbour's gnome's daily schuduale and activies. Enjoys Will Ferrell's balls. Is turned on by poofy hair and whales. Annoys the heck out of teachers. Spells penis "peenus".
I'd fuck a schell.
by ieatsheepsforbrunch January 17, 2009
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Schell is the most loyal person you will ever know. She funny adventurous intelligence and full of spark. She gorgeous generous nad caring. She will have your back through it all. She not your average girl. She's unique. Nothing about the is usual. If u find a Schell keep her cause she one of a kind.
Schell is very loyal!

I love me some Schell!

She was the best woman I ever had!
by Lovelylady30 January 19, 2017
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