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1) v. To act in an ignorant, selfish, pretentious, nonsensical, and smarmy type manner.

2) Can be used as a noun or adjective.

3) A word describing Democrats and Liberals.

4) A derogatory term.

- See other definitions for other meanings.
(Don't be such a Scharf)
(To speak sharfly.)
by Jesterlolol April 19, 2011
to shit and barf at the same time.
liz: "i was soo sick last night. I couldn't stop scharfing. I had to sit on the toilet AND hold a trash can in front of me.
by iou1galxee October 17, 2005
1.A word to define something as extremely entertaining, and meant to sound somewhat German.

2. Really Cool.
Wasn't that movie Scharf?!

Nazi's aren't Scharf enough to join the club.
by Igor Rabovsky March 18, 2005
Verb meaning to feign sleep or general exhaustion in order to avoid an awkward situation, like a date or family gathering.
I was on such a bad date the other night: The guy kept trying to put his arm around me, so I had to scharf him and pretend to fall asleep right there on the couch.
by patbenetar December 08, 2010
simultanious shit and barf
one day i walked down the hall saw willow and i scharfed.
by feast May 14, 2009