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The act of denying ones personal image as being the "scene" fashion. Not to be confused with senile.
Tom: Dude, you dye your hair, wear skinny jeans, converse sneakers, style you hair stupidly, and wear all that crappy emo band bullshit clothes.

Fernando: Yeah, but I'm not scene.

Tom: You and Steph are in Scenial.
by N!gg3rF@gg0+ March 12, 2009
A person in their mid to late twenties or older, who tries to be a scenester.

The word is derived from senile and scene.
Betty: Did you see Todd's mom?
Mia: Yeah, she has a myspace, died her hair black, and started wearing tight pants and polka dotted head bands.
Betty: She is so scenial.
by Tess Anne October 03, 2005
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